Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Metal Tags and acrylic paints

Yesterday I showed you how you might use acohol inks and metal tags ... today i thought I would use paint on the tag.

Before you start painting with acrylic paints on metal, rather than metal foil, you need to provide it with a base to 'fix' to.  I used Ranger glue and seal - it only needs a thin coat, but it helps the paint stay put!
You will acrylic paints, walnut stain distress ink, clear embossing powder and an embossed tag.  Because you are painting the embossed and debossed areas pick a folder that doesn't have too much detail.  I used a text folder (Lisa has lots of patterned folders to choose from), but patterned or floral folders work equally well.
Having let the glue and seal dry, paint the tag, using different paints for diferent parts of the pattern or words.
 Don't worry that it will look quite matt and flat when it is done.
Having let the paint dry thoroughly, take a sanding block or sanding paper to it and sand some, but not all the paint off, including in the debossed areas.
 Now cover the tag with walnut stain ink and let it dry thoroughly.
Add embossing ink, I use versamark, to the whole tag and cover in clear embossing powder, and then heat - carefully!  Unlike metal foil the tag will get hot and you can burn your fingers!  Once all the powder is completely melted let the tag cool. 
 You end up with a shiny, vintage looking tag.


  1. fabulous tutorial again - this looks alot harder work than yesterdays - but lots of fun xx

  2. Wow another fantastic tutorial, love it :-) Hugs Kerry xxx

  3. This looks great - I am going to give this a go if thats OK. Sam