Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Altered Suitcase

 Lisa has a fabulous range of alterable items in the shop, and the little suitcases are gorgeous!
Here is what i did with mine ...

 And this is how I did it ...

I am a cheapskate and won't pay for patterned  tissue paper so I make my own.  So all you need is white tissue paper, your alterable, stamps, inks and embellishments.

 Before I started I carefully peeled the straps back using a craft knife - this just makes it easier to cover the case.

 I used archival black and sepia inks and stamped all over the tissue paper with stamps.  I used Stampers Anonymous Air Travel set.  You need to be patient at this point and let the ink dry thoroughly.

 Once the ink was dry I covered the suitcas with PVA glue and then eased the tissue paper over.  It doesn't need to be very smooth, a few creased helps with the aged look!  You need to cut into the sides to allow the paper to fold .

Once you have covered it and the tissue is dry, glue the straps back down.


Now to age it up - I used vintage photo distress ink and rubbed it all over the suitcase, but not over the straps.

 The straps were covered in walnut stain distress ink to add a bit of a contrast.

And finally I decorated it with more stamps and tickets.

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