Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Promarker Backgrounds Tutorial

Hi all, I have another tutorial for you today using promarkers for backgrounds, through September I shall be doing weekly tutorials on backgrounds to give some idea of how easily they can be.

Promarkers, flexmarkers, copics and spectrum pens are alcohol based, you can find them on the shop here, or look out on facebook for offers here.  The idea came from having some Ranger alcoholic inks and their blending solution.  Problem is I don't have many colours which made me start thinking that maybe other alcoholic based mediums would work with the blending solution as well.   It is important to remember that being alcohol based they are highly flammable and very smelly so make sure your not near a naked flame and make sure you have a window open :-).

To start here is a picture of bits and bobs I shall be working with, I tend to add embossing or mica powder, hence why I use heat resistant acetate :-)

Next I would advise to have a practise.  Scribble the marker
onto the acetate, add some blending solution to some felt (I use a Ranger blending
tool but you could use some normal felt cut up, it does tend to leave bits sometimes
but just pick them up with twizzers), then all you have to do is dab onto the acetate,
to get lots of texture, dab, then leave a minute to dry, then go back and dab,
keep doing this until it starts to look like you want it.

 To start with I decided on some Christmas colours, I used promarker
Holly and Crimson. I scribbled on the acetate, then dabbed as I did on the practise.

I then went in with my second colour, always colour on spare paper after
application if your using two colours so you don't stain your nib.

As you can see I still have gaps between each colour, this is when I start
to go over the colours I have already done to help blending (picture next)

It is very important at this point to keep scribbling your nib onto some paper
to make sure it's clean.

This is where you can keep working at it to get more blobbing
as in the close up below

I really love the mottled effect it leaves :-)

I have then covered the acetate in versamark and added 
holographic embossing powder to give some sparkle

As you can see lots of sparkle, I did try stamping a bauble before
covering with the embossing powder but I didn't like the effect
so I got rid of it, you can just about see it in this picture lol

 Starting again with a different colour, I used promarkers purple
and aubergine for the below picture, same technique.

This time I swiped versamark over an embossing folder then embossed 
through my big shot, after I embossed with a purple embossing powder.

Can you see what a great effect it has, you can even die cut after.

A close up picture :-)

 Same again start with the same dabbing, I used promarker true blue and
royal blue.  This time I then dripped some blending solution on the
acetate, as you can see it makes huge dots, how cool is that (sorry I easily please lol).
I then went over again with my colours making sure I cleaned my nib straight away
by colouring on the paper.

This time I added pools of sparkly embossing powder, heat set, then
stamped in versamark and covered with some mica powder
(I used cosmic shimmer tropic blue).

Not a very good picture I'm afraid, it was so hard taking
pics of acetate lol.  But you can see the overall effect, below is a close up.

Look at all the sparkle, I also think I used some light blue
embossing powder in places as well by the looks of it!!!

For the next background I used promarkers spice and burnt orange, then
after I stamped a swirl (squiggly minis 8) all around the edge with versamark, then covered with
cosmic shimmer autumn lustre embossing powder.

I next stamped with versamark in the middle and used cosmic shimmer lava
red.  I actually made a card to show you this background but
slightly changed the middle (later on), the stamp I used was squiggly minis 11,
Lisa sells loads of paperartsy which can be found here.

Again started with a basic background of promarker hot pink
and carmine.  I then did the archival resist technique, where I inked up
a stamp (I used paperartsy squiggly minis 7 and 15) with archival jet black,
then I stamped on top of the acetate, I then straight away wiped off
the ink with a DRY kitchen towel (goodness knows why dry but the wet wipe
made a real big mess!!!).  Wow isn't that impressive, you can
really see the words, I really love the impact.  This actually is the first time I have
done it, why I remember it goodness knows lol.

Again chucked some embossing powder on.

And how cool is this, it would make a brilliant background.

And a close up picture.

Here is a simple card I made with the orange background
we made, I decided I wanted the centre piece raised so I versamarked
up a square, and used the autumn lustre, I then inked up my stamp with
versamark and stamped the hot square (must do when hot) then left
to cool. as this is not an ultra thick embossing powder you don't get a deep impression
and can sometimes see the card, but this didn't bother me as I was putting 
the mica powder over it.

This tag is the very first time I used the promarker background, 
of course, it does seem like we spend alot of time on our backgrounds
to then cover them up, but if you look closely as the close up picture
you can really see the texture underneath which looks like water and
in real life it does look a rather cool effect.

The stamp I used was Clarity Stamp Mermaid :-)

Right that's it from me, I shall be back next week with another background tutorial :-).  Thank you for visiting.  Kerry :-)


  1. Great tutorial, thanks for the inspiration and showing us how it's done xx

  2. ohhhhh my word amazing loved them all and may not be to scared to try it
    Erin xxx

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  4. Fabulous backgrounds with a lot of 'pop'! Beautiful!