Sunday, 16 September 2012

Candle tutorial

Today is me showing you a step by step tutorial on how to make a candle 
which i said i would do back in May .... 
Anyhooooo i'm a little late but if pulled my finger out 
I have used La La Land Bunny Marci .. which you can get from That Craft Place

The Things you need 
Stamp of your choice 
Tissue paper 
Grease proof paper 
Memento Ink 
Pro markers 
Heat gun 

Stamp your image onto 
tissue paper 

Then cut around the image leaving a slight gap around 
the image 

Using Pro- Markers 
colour it in 


Make sure your not heavy handed 
are you will rip the tissue


Finished image

Place on the candle .. Like so 

Wrap grease proof paper around the image and candle

Using the low heat on the gun ...
Slowly move around the image to melt it on 

The image will start to come through 

The image will spread through ( sorry for the dog noise ) 

Can you see where i still need to go ?? 

Finished with the heatgun 

Pull the grease proof paper of and 
yahooooo your done 

I hope this helps you to make some Candles 

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. Fantastic Erin, I never though of putting an image on a candle, it looks amazing. Hugs Kerry xxx

  2. Looks fantastic Erin! A great gift (cough cough) lol xxxx