Friday, 21 September 2012

Patterned Paper - Changing them to make your own backgrounds

Hi, sorry I have been late posting this, I never realised how many backgrounds you can do lol.  This week I will be concentrating on changing patterned paper to make your own backgrounds.  The ideas I shall be showing you are just simple ideas to add your own bit of you on it :-)

Simple Dry embossing

 Simply emboss patterned paper

Close Up

Heat Embossing

 Heat Embossing Materials

Just adds some extra sparkle and interest to 
plain or busy papers


Stamping Materials

One of my favourite techniques is to use my stamps
to uplift papers, I also usually pick stamps that
co-ordinate with the theme of my card

Stencil Ideas

As you can see stencilling can really make plain patterned paper
really striking

White Patterned Paper

Simple white patterned paper is something I never tend
to use, but you find it normal is in pads you buy

This gave me the idea to try and spruce them up, I simply
coloured with promarkers or swished in some distress ink
and then used some sparkle on top

You don't need to use a sewing machine instead just use
normal needle and thread.  I can't sew, and trying to get
a straight line is never going to happen, but I have
really started to enjoy using my machine, I just make
sure it looks like I was meaning to be wonky.

As you can see, it just gives the background a little
more interest, I also went around a word on the blue
paper, to pick the word out, which can make
it extra special


You can use any type of paint to uplift or tone down your papers

You can see that even the papers were bright by painting over them
or just the sides it's managed to tone down the bright busy paper
which sometimes without paint would be too much for a background

Doodling (something I haven't tried doing before)

Simple doodling with pens can give interest to backgrounds

You can see from below that it gives the papers some
fun features.  I only did dots and dashes and scalloped lines
but I know that there is certainly lots of doodling you can do.
Have a look next time your on the phone or thinking, you can
guarantee that at some point you have doodled on paper
while thinking or listening :-)

Colourful Sprays

I use a cardboard box for spraying in :-)

I love sprays, and use them often, I love how they spread
all over the place or blog and splat in places.

 Cutting up papers
To make a chevron pattern

Cut 5 different pieces of patterned papers into strips
you also need to square pieces of white card

Start in the middle layering the strips down with glue, 
keep in the same pattern

Do another identical piece and then cut all the hanging pieces
of the base

Turn one of the squares of paper which then lines up together

Cut them both into strips all the same size

Now start piecing them together on a base

Cut out and add to card.  Also an idea is to cut patterned paper
with die shapes which also makes a fab background.

Right all finished lol, if you managed to get to the bottom that is lol.  My final week next week on backgrounds is doing masterboards, this is were you make up your own background on a large piece of paper which then can be cut down to add to several cards. Hope you enjoyed today, thanks for visiting and happy crafting :-) Kerry xxx

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  1. WOW!!! This is super informative and a TON of ideas!!! THANK YOU!!!