Friday, 21 June 2013

Have you heard???

The very Lovely Lisa and Danny have listened to my endless nagging lol...

Yep that's right Lisa is looking into getting cakey/bakey stuff in the shop whoop!!!

I am sooooo excited... and although it isn't in the shop yet - if there is anything you want drop Lisa a message and I am sure she will look to see if it's something she can get in!!

So until then ... and to wet your taste buds (or just to make you hungry lol) here are a few cakes I have made recently..

This is a wonky cake - also known as a topsy turvy cake
You can get special pans however I will be putting a tutorial together soon on how you can make them with a normal cake can!!
As for the decoration lots of lovely flower cutters, circle cutters, leave cutter and lush ribbon

My Teddy cake... all modelled myself and again if you would like one I will do a tutorial on how to make teddies/animals/ people etc..
The cake has funky ribbon and lots of different flower cutters and a butterfly cutter

Then last but not least my latest order

A giant cupcake and normal sized cupcakes
as you can see (well hopefully)there are 3 different swirls on the cakes - an ice cream swirl and two rose swirls... over the coming weeks I will show you how to get the different swirls and what nozzles to use!!

Well thanks for looking xxx

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